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These marketing tools represent the various ways you can promote our products. Based on feedback from our affiliates, using one or more of the following suggestions should produce profitable results for you.


Pay Per Click Advertising

It is easy to set up and relatively easy to start making money. You can set up a Pay Per Click campaign at:

Simply click on any or all of these links to start a pay per click campaign. If you need any help, each site offers a tutorial on how to set it up.

Here are some per-click-engines you may want to try. While Google and Yahoo are certainly the most popular, there are many marketing opportunities available by advertising on the smaller engines as well.

When using Pay Per Click Advertising you will be bidding on various key words that are related to "What's he Really Thinking?"

Below are some keyword examples, but this list is by no means complete. There are literally THOUSANDS of high-converting keywords that you can bid on... way too many to list here. Use your imagination and test! To help you in your Pay-Per-Click advertising, I want to offer you a FREE resource called, "Google Adwords Made Easy." Even if your an expert in this field, having this guide can show you how to have a greater Return on Investment in a short time.

Top-Performing Keywords for "What's He Really Thinking?"

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What men really want in women
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What men like

what guys want
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what men love
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understanding men
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Write and Submit Articles

Like a Blog an article helps establish you as an expert. It doesn't mean you must have a degree in relationships, but just like a newsletter, the more a web visitor reads your content, the more likely they are to trust your recommendations.

If you’d like to have someone write original articles for you website or blog, I would suggest The cost is approximately $15-$20 per article, but the investment is well worth it.

There are dozens of talented writers that would love to write articles for you, usually within a couple of weeks.... usually.

Here are some topics to consider for your articles.

Once you have some articles completed you can post them on your website and also submit them to article directories. These directories let other websites use your article and you get to put your affiliate link in the article so their visitors will go to "What's He Really Thinking?," product page. When they buy the book, you get a commission.

Here are some article directories:

In case I've left out any, here's The 21 Top Article Directories to Submit Articles

Email Marketing Resources

Sample mailout to send to your verified opt-in subscribers...

Suggested Subject Line: What's He Really Thinking?
Sample Email:

Subject: REVEALED: What’s He Really Thinking?

Dear Ladies,

If you’re like one of the thousands of ladies out there who is always trying to figure out your man and what’s he really thinking, then I have just the thing for you.

I am offering you a unique and exclusive opportunity to help you in your relationships with men – All this and more in this most exciting book – “What’s He Really Thinking?”

Here's why:

There is NOTHING more important in life then to have a happy relationship with your man. But that doesn’t happen easily. Men and women are different, not only biologically; they think differently, they act differently – they are different, period! No one change that.

With more than twenty years of hard-core experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor, therapist, and relationship advice coach, Bob Grant, L.P.C. sheds light on:

  • how men really think
  • why they do what they do
  • what they really want

And so much more…

You Will Learn Secrets Most Women Don't Know About What Men Are Really Thinking
In his revolutionary, easy-to read eBook, you will find plenty of real-life situation examples, practical advice and plenty of juicy details that will help you build a stronger and more meaningful relationship with your man.

I firmly believe this is the BEST opportunity to take advantage of, for the sake of your relationship.

With “What’s He Really Thinking?” you will be able to keep the relationship with your man growing, flowing and soaring even when times are tough. This is how your relationship can reach its full potential.

EVERYTHING else is secondary to that. Period!

It’s as simple as that!

I AM SO CONFIDENT ABOUT THIS BOOK because it comes with a “Zero-risk, iron-clad Guarantee” Don’t believe me?

As an affiliate for this ebook, I picked it out of dozens of others because I felt it was the most helpful and insightful. Check it out for yourself at (affiliates put your affiliate link in here)

For the sake of your relationship, I urge you to take advantage of my exciting offer today! Email me at for questions or further details.
Here’s to making your relationship a success!


Your Name
The Relationship Doctor
Add contact details
Add Business Logo Here

P.S. Getting this book will be the BEST DECISION you’ve ever made... and you’ll be glad you made it!!

Expert Email Copywriter

If you’d like to hire an expert to write different email letters for you to send out, I would suggest you visit and post your project on their site.

Give each of your visitors a Free Pre-View Chapter

Just send us your clickbank ID and we’ll embed that ID into your personalized Preview of What's He Really Thinking E-Book.

Use Static Banners and Creative

Make your website more engaging with these professional graphics! On this page you'll find different banners that you can use through your website. Embed a link with your clickbank ID so that when they click on the banner, they go straight to the Sales Page.


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<img src="" width="840" height="48">


<img src="" width="200" height="286">


Write a Review on Your Website or Blog

Creating a "review site" is a popular and effective way to drive affiliate sales. After all, people want to be sure they're choosing the BEST product in the marketplace (and not getting scammed) before they pull out their credit cards.

Use these resources to create YOUR OWN compelling review site that both serves consumers and makes money while you sleep!

Top 5 Tips For Review Sites

Tip #1: Provide value to the user - The purpose of a review site is to provide value to the end user. Sometimes that means information about a product or its use... or it could mean a COMPELLING reason why you think a product or website has quality. Whatever strategy you use, always keep in mind what your visitor is looking for and answer that question.

Tip #2: Be authoritative - Speak in a manner that conveys that you fully understand the topic you are writing about. It can also make your review site more compelling by establishing yourself as an "authority" on the topic. You can do this by listing professional credentials, other articles you have written on the subject, or maybe just by the fact that you can relate to the customer's specific frustrations and desires.

Tip #3: Be authentic - There are a lot of review sites online that rely on false claims and "hype" in order earn commissions. Separate yourself from the crowd by being AUTHENTIC and ETHICAL. Remember, website visitors are distrustful before they every visit your site. Tell them the benefits of what you are recommending and be sure to do it in a way that answers the questions they are asking.

Ex. Most visitors interested in "What's He Really Thinking?," might ask these questions to themselves.

There are other questions they may be asking, if you can address one or more of these questions on your review site, the visitor will believe that you actually understand them.

Also remember the rule of thumb when it comes to the internet. Every visitor always ask this question when they visit your webpage.

What's In It For Me?

Answer that question in your review and you will generate LOTS of sales!

Tip #4: Choose a good name - Establish consumer trust by choosing a name for your website that's both professional and relevant. For example, "" is certainly better than "".

Tip #5: Make it easy for your visitors - Internet users are in a hurry, which means you'll often only get a few seconds to capture their attention. When someone views your review page, they should be able to quickly identify your "top pick" and visit that website. On your review simply point out your top pick.

Giving a visitor too many choices only confuses them. They will either believe your review or not so keep it simply and authentic. What the visitor is mainly looking for is whether YOU believe what you are saying. If they think you are authentic, they are much more likely to consider the product you are recommending!

Example Review Sites

Here are some example review sites that offer valuable information to help consumers reach their buying decisions. (Please Note: no affiliation with these sites or their owners.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the top affiliate's use PPC?
Yes. Mainly Google but also Yahoo and MSN

How much affiliate support can you offer me?
My staff is second to none in customer service. All that I ask is that you are respectful of them when they are trying to help you. If they don't know the answer to your question, then they will send me a message. We will do everything in our power to help you succeed. All I ask is that a problem arises that you're not aggressive or insulting. Treat my staff with respect and they will be your biggest ally in your success.

Would you like to do a JV?
I love Joint Ventures. Please send me your ideas.

Contact Information:
Call us if you have questions at (404) 579-4437 Monday - Thursday from 10am-4pm EST. and Fridays 9am-12pm EST

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